A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping for Mobility Aids

Shopping for mobility aids for the first time can be daunting. With so many different types of equipment and daily aids available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a family member or a friend, knowing exactly how each piece of equipment can help can make your shopping that little bit easier.

Selecting the right mobility aids for your needs or the needs of a friend or family member can be difficult by yourself. Even simple household aids can make a huge difference to someone’s life and help them maintain independent living.

To help you choose a mobility aid that is suitable, we’ve put together a guide to buying mobility aids. From mobility scooters to handrails and reclining chairs, there are lots of mobility aids available to help people maintain an independent lifestyle and regain confidence.

Walking stick

Walking sticks are available in a range of different styles and patterns, and offer support to those who may need to walk at a slower pace or who have stiff joints. A walking stick can be used around the house or out and about. While the traditional wooden walking stick still remains popular (due to its strength), there are plenty of other options available, including lightweight aluminium walking sticks, folding walking sticks and walking sticks with built-in seats.

Walking frame/rollator

A walking frame is often used around the home, offering a steady support to those who may require more support than a walking stick. Walking frames are available with or without wheels, depending on the preference of the user. Rollators are suitable for people who may need to sit more often when walking, but can still move around for a long period of time.


Wheelchairs are suitable for those who are unable to walk or stand for certain periods of time. A wheelchair is a moveable chair with wheels that can be controlled by the user manually or electronically. Using a wheelchair helps those with limited mobility travel around more easily and maintain independence in their home. Again, there are lots of different types and styles available to meet the needs and requirements of different people.

Mobility scooter

A mobility scooter is suitable for those who have difficulty walking or a medical condition that restricts movement. There are lots of different mobility scooters available, all of which have different features and capabilities. A mobility scooter is essentially an electric vehicle that allows you to travel out and about independently and without assistance.

With the aid of a mobility scooter, the chances of fall-related injuries are minimised. Owning a mobility scooter limits the physical exertion required to move around, allowing people to move around more comfortably and get from A to B.


Bath lifts

Those who have mobility issues may find bathing difficult. Often, bathing is neglected because people fear they may slip when getting in or out of the bath. A bath lift enables those with limited mobility to lower and raise themselves into the bath safely, preventing slips and falls. A bathlift can easily be fitted to most baths (and removed afterwards if needed), allowing the user to use their bath easily and with dignity.

Those with mobility issues may also find stepping into and out of the bath difficult. A bath step or bath seat is an effective solution, helping to give those who suffer with mobility issues confidence in the bathtub. A bath step can be placed at the front of the bath, reducing the height of stepping into the bath. This makes it easier and more comfortable for people to step in and out of the bath.

A bath seat is placed inside the bath. It can be used either as a step or a seat, again making it easier for people to use the bath and reducing the amount they have to stretch and move to use it.

Walk-in showers

To eliminate the issue of getting in and out of the bath entirely, many people choose to install a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers are ideal for the elderly or less mobile individuals who want to maintain their independence when showering. Practical and safe, walk-in showers provide ease and allow those with limited mobility to walk straight into the shower without having to step up and in – something that can lead to slips, trips and falls.

Walk-in shower enclosures can be modified to meet your specific requirements. For example, if you require a larger shower tray to eliminate any challenges to access, a bigger tray can be installed.


Handrails can be installed all around the house, offering extra support and making it easier for people to get around. Installing handrails in the bathroom can make getting in and out of the bath easier and reduce the chances of slips and falls. Handrails are useful in preventing accidents, helping individuals to regain balance during sudden slips and trips.

Handrails are also particularly useful when installed on the stairs, helping you to go up and down the stairs comfortably. When moving upwards or downwards, having extra support and something to hold on to reduces the chances of falls and prevents accidents.

Reclining chairs

Riser and recliner chairs are adjustable electric armchairs that rise and lower, making it easier for those with mobility issues to sit down and stand up out of the chair. Reclining chairs provide comfort and support, and can be adjusted for sitting, standing and reclining at the simple push of a button.

Recliner chairs can be useful for the elderly or those who struggle with mobility or medical conditions such as arthritis. Rising and reclining chairs also allow users to lay back and put their feet up, which can help promote better circulation and help prevent further health problems.

Adjustable bed

People with limited mobility may also struggle to get in and out of bed. An adjustable bed is an effective solution for this, making getting in and out of bed easier and more comfortable. Adjustable beds help you recline in various positions and angles based on your specific needs, and can help ease chronic pains. They can also lift your upper back or lower body, improve circulation and alleviate some stress from different body parts.

An adjustable bed can be lowered or raised if you struggle to get out of bed, ensuring that you can get in and out of bed easily and comfortably.

A Mobility Shop (NW) Ltd: mobility aids and equipment

At A Mobility Shop (NW) Ltd, we offer a range of mobility aids and equipment to help those with limited mobility. From stairlifts and mobility scooters to reclining chairs, mobility bathrooms and wheelchairs, we’ve got everything you need to help make your home accessible and your life easier.

We’re proud to offer leaving hospital care packages, which include stairlifts, electric beds and bathroom solutions. We also complete home conversions, transforming normal homes into access friendly ones so that you can maintain your independence while remaining safe and supported in your own home.

Our products are available to customers throughout the North West, including Southport, Wigan, the Wirral, Warrington and St Helens. When you buy disability aids and incontinence products from A Mobility Shop (NW) Ltd, you can rest assured that our service is discreet and confidential.

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