A Brief Guide to Bath Lifts

For those with limited mobility, there are so many aids that can help around the house. From grab rails to stairlifts, the modern age and technology advancements have had a significant impact on the progression of mobility aids. But, what about mobility aids for the bathroom – such as bath lifts?

There’s something amazing that comes with having a bath: the freedom to relax, a chance to catch up on a good book or calm down and unwind after a stressful day. Bath lifts can give those with limited mobility a chance to still gauge pleasure from a bath without the worry of how to get in or out. As experts in mobility aids, we have put together a brief guide to bath lifts.

What is a bath lift?

A bath lift is a power operated lift that raises and lowers someone in and out of a bathtub. The lift charges through a battery pack which is charged before and after use.

How do they work?

Once sat on, the user can touch a button that then prompts the bath lift to raise and lower them into the bottom of the bath. Afterwards, another touch of a button will raise the lift smoothly back to the top again when ready.

Features and safety

Some lifts come with a “sucker release system” which makes for easy fitting and removal whenever you need, allowing those who don’t require a bath lift to still use the bath or shower. As well as this, your bath lift can also be taken away on holiday with you if needed (there are compact and portable designs that are specifically designed for this).

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing and installing a bath lift in your bathroom is that they are incredibly safe. A bath lift can gently and safely lower you in and out of the bathtub, and certain models can come with a non-slip transfer seat, to reduce the likelihood of any accidents occurring. They also come with waterproof remotes.

To ensure the lift is right for your tub, it’s a good idea to speak to the experts about specifications such as height, weight and body shape, as well as measurements and dimensions of your bathtub. This will ensure that your bath lift fits correctly and securely.

If you’re thinking about having a bath lift installed in your home in Liverpool, contact A Mobility Shop today. Or, if you’re unsure about whether you should get one or wish to discuss bathroom aids in general, talk to one of our experts for advice and more information.


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