Are you Disabled? Improve the Quality of your Life with Mobility Aids

Being disabled was once a stigma but fortunately, things have changed and modern society fully accepts that people with disabilities should have equal opportunities and with modern mobility aids, a disabled person can regain some of their lost independence. Whether you are looking to improve interior or exterior mobility, at the Mobility Shop we have an extensive range of top quality mobility aids that are designed with you in mind.

Getting Around

Moving from place to place can be a real challenge for a disabled person, yet with the latest generation of mobility scooters, you can significantly extend your range of mobility. State of the art electric motors and high capacity rechargeable batteries make for effortless use, with a simple plug in when you return from a trip. Our extensive range of quality units include the Finch mobility scooter, which is extremely versatile and designed for dual purpose use – either for short range trips of up to 8 miles or as a fold up machine to take with you in the car.

Mobility in the Home

Technology has brought a new dimension in home mobility for the elderly and disabled, with bespoke stairlifts that enable effortless moving from floor to floor – something that many disabled people simply cannot do – and rather than confine yourself to the ground floor – installing a customised stairlift is the ideal solution. If you are looking for a temporary stair solution, we offer very reasonable stairlift rentals, which might just be the answer.

Straight Stairlifts

If your staircase is straight, we have very affordable stairlifts that are easy to install and are both safe and reliable. We even have reconditioned units, which offer the same advantages as a new model but at a reduced outlay. Alternatively, we can design a stair lift to perfectly fit your staircase and our luxury models have many additional features designed to make life easier.

Curved Stairlifts

If the staircase in your home is of the curved variety, it is still possible to install a stairlift and our experts would be only too happy to inspect your home with a view to installing a stairlift. There are a number of safety features on our range of curved staircases and with each installation built specifically for that home, you can be sure of a perfect fit. If, for example, the stairlift encountered an obstruction, it would automatically stop and you can even have a key operated unit, which prevents children from playing with the apparatus.

Unique Needs

Every person is different and a disabled person’s mobility needs would be unique and therefore a bespoke solution is called for. We specialise in bathroom conversions for the disabled and elderly – the one room in the house where we really do prefer to have our privacy – and with the right equipment in the right locations, using the bathroom is no longer the challenge it once was.

If you would like more information on our extensive range of mobility aids, call in at our Mobility Shop, which is located at 141-145 Thomas Lane, Broadgreen, Liverpool L14 5NT where you can view our extensive range of quality new and reconditioned mobile aids. Failing that, you can leave a message on our website or call us on 0151 220 7080 during regular office hours.


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