Benefits of Owning a Mobility Scooter

Whatever your reason for needing a mobility scooter, they can become an important device in the day to day lives of many by offering freedom, increasing confidence and improving health. With around 80,000 scooters sold each year in the UK they are clearly a popular choice amongst those who need a little extra help getting around. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter or perhaps a loved one could benefit, this blog will explain three of the main pros of using this device.


One of the main reasons people invest in mobility aids such as scooters, is to regain their freedom and independence. Particularly as we get older, our bones and joints can be more stiff making it harder to get around with ease, however, a scooter is a great way of getting out and about for those who cannot walk long distances. They can also be used on local buses so you can do your food shopping or visit family and friends with relying on other giving you a lift.

Less injuries

Mobility-related conditions often mean that sufferers are at risk of falling and tripping when they are not as steady on their feet, and for friends and family this can cause upset and fear when they can’t assist 24/7. For those who want to remain living independently, mobility scooters are great piece of equipment that can improve quality of life and reduce the amount of accidents for users. Furthermore, if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, then using a mobility scooter will limit your physical exertion and allow your body to heal.


Mobility scooters are extremely easy to operate, so there’s no need to worry about complicated buttons and swivel seats make them easy to get on and off. Most suppliers will be able to demonstrate how the scooter works and its different functions so you know exactly how to use and charge it. Furthermore, some models can be folded making it easy to store and transport when you’re getting around in the car or other modes of transport.

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