Exercise Ideas For Those With Limited Mobility

Physical activity is important for all, including those with mobility restrictions. Exercise isn’t just about moving about and raising your heart rate, it’s about releasing endorphins that can energise your mood, reducing stress levels and making you feel better about yourself. It can also have a powerful effect on mental health and is considered a treatment for depression. Perhaps, more importantly, it’s also about socialising, teamwork and general fun.

Although lots of physical exercise may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are many things you can do to keep yourself active and healthy. If you have a disability, heart issues or are elderly, this doesn’t mean your mental and emotional health has to suffer. Here are some ideas.

Wheelchair based sports

Nowadays, so many sports and activities have been created or altered with wheelchairs in mind. From ball games like wheelchair basketball, tennis and netball to athletics like track racing and shot put, there are so many options to choose from. There’s even such a thing as wheelchair fencing! If you’re looking for wheelchair based sports in our local area of Liverpool, here are a couple of sports centres or wheelchair basketball teams to get you started.


From flushing out toxins when you drink it to improving mental health by just being near it, there’s not much water cannot do for us.

Those with mobility issues will find exercising in water particularly beneficial as it supports the body, helps increase strength levels, helps heal in healing injuries and reduces the risk of muscle or joint pain and discomfort.

Aquatic exercise is effective for anyone wanting to build lean muscle mass, increase strength, or heal from injury. It is also the ideal exercise medium for ageing adults by helping them maintain their good health at a comfortable, functional level. From gentle swimming to water aerobics, there are a lot of activities that you can do alone or with friends. Or, if you’re more at home on the water rather than in it, those with mobility issues may prefer activities such as rowing and canoeing.

Flexibility exercises

For those looking to improve their muscle strength, bone health or to increase blood flow by doing activities that aren’t too strenuous, flexibility exercises like yoga and Tai Chi may be for you. If you’re in a wheelchair or have limited mobility in your legs, these exercises can be easily modified to suit your physical mobility, age and disability. Chair yoga and Tai Chi is incredibly fun, calming and can be done in group classes.

Always remember to warm up, drink plenty of water and take it slow, to begin with, to find out where your limits are.

Our day and age caters to those with limited mobility more than ever before, and advanced technologies and mobility aids mean when life is hard, it can be made a little easier. At A Mobility Shop, exercise, socialising and having fun shouldn’t stop when your life changes and you need a wheelchair or mobility aid. For more information regarding our mobility aids in Liverpool and beyond, contact us today.


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