How Are Mobility Bathrooms Designed?

When faced with mobility issues, the bathroom can transform from a place of relaxation to an area of danger. Thankfully, there are a number of possibilities that you can pursue to help with the problem of declining movement and reclaim one of the most important rooms in the house.

The two major problems posed by a bathroom when dealing with diminished mobility are ease of use and safety. Being able to maintain cleanliness when suffering from a lack of movement while being unable to stretch to certain areas of the body, is a huge challenge posed by bathrooms. Hard tiles and an abundance of slippery water and soap also makes a dangerous combination if the person has physical issues.

Fortunately, upgrading your bathroom or perhaps having one built is easier than you might think. An affordable option features lots of basic accessories that can bless the room with numerous benefits for anyone with mobility issues. If you have sufficient funds and willpower then you can optimise your bathroom into the ultimate in comfort and safety.


Here are our top tips on how a mobility bathroom can be designed or modified:


Bath Lift

A bath lift is a seat that can be raised up and down to help a person rise and lower into the water of a bath. These are great at allowing the person to continue their enjoyment of bathing whilst maintaining their independence. All types are designed to slowly lower the person into the bath and lift them up, which is ideal for people with pain or discomfort in their back or legs. Bath lifts are very easy to install and have the added bonus of being easy to remove when not in use. This saves space and maintains the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

There are many different types of bath lifts, however, with varied features that can cater to anyone’s exact circumstances. Some bath lift seats swivel which means that the person can enter and leave the bath at the side. This is often easier, as they can sit and swing their legs around. Bath lifts are powered by electrical or mechanical means and are fitted with durable yet strong backrests. If the person cannot cope without a bath lift, however, it is always recommended to keep the battery charged because if it runs out, it won’t work. It is also worth noting that the person needs the ability to lift their legs up in order to enter the bath and the ability to keep their own balance while seated as the bath lift moves up and down.


Bath Cushion

The bath cushion is similar to the bath lift but is slightly different. While a bath chair usually refers to a chair that will raise you up and down through mechanical and electrical means, a bath cushion has no mechanical parts and relies on being inflated to move the person up and down into the bath. There is a pump that is located outside the bath which is connected to the cushion, that allows the user to inflate and deflate the device. Because a bath cushion is inflatable, the user can easily install and dismantle the device, as well as take it on journeys easily as it weighs very little and folds up neatly.


Walk-In Shower/Shower Room

A walk-in shower is an excellent alternative to a normal shower and boasts both easy-access and greater comfort. There are numerous things that a walk-in shower can feature, such as a fold-away shower. This additionally can ease aching knees, and when combined with safety grab rails, can provide a far safer experience than a normal shower which can be easy to slip in. Most people with mobility problems are at a later stage in life which means that the threat of breaking bones is far higher.


Walk-in showers are also an excellent solution to maximise the space in smaller bathrooms as they can fit into a difficult corner of the room while offering a greater washing experience for everyone. By making the most of the amount of space, the bathroom can now provide more room for mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walking sticks.

Wet Room

If you are looking for the safest way of washing yourself in a bathroom, then a wet room is the improvement to choose. Wet rooms provide easy access to everyone and are ideal for people who have trouble with their knees – as long as you can stand you’ll be fine! With entry at ground level and with no shower door or tray, the wet room gets rid of dangerous obstacles that can pose problems for people with limited mobility. With a simple design, the installation of a wet room is a great choice for smallish rooms by releasing its space. It can also be used with wheelchair users which is a fantastic feature.

Different Accessories

Changing your bathroom to reflect the changing needs of restricted mobility doesn’t have to break the bank or require hiring builders. There are many different accessories that you can use to make huge effective improvements in the ability of your bathroom to cater for impaired movement. Such improvements could involve the simple addition of a shower seat in your existing shower or a basic handle at a certain vulnerable point to ease the washing process. If you are concerned about falling over in the slippery environment of your bathroom, even investing in some moulded shower mats could be the difference between a steady stance and a broken hip. Heat is also a potential danger to people who are unable to manoeuvre as fast as they once did; by purchasing a thermostatic shower you can prevent water scalding you.

What Conditions Are Helped By Mobility Bathrooms?

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. Cerebral Palsy
  4. Spina Bifida
  5. Motor Neurone Disease
  6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


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