How Having A Pet Can Improve Your Health

It has long been established that having a pet brings fantastic benefits to a person’s physical and mental health. It has even been shown that the actual length of people’s lives has been lengthened just by having a furry friend by our side. How though? Pets are both fun and often are considered a key part of someone’s family, so the idea that it can help us improve our health is great news. As if you needed another excuse to get a pet! To improve your physical, mental and general quality of life you should pop down the pet shop or an RSPCA rescue centre today!

Effects Of Interaction

You can gain fantastic benefits and positive body changes by having a level of sociability with a pet such as a cat or a dog. No, exercising with your dog won’t turn you into a muscle-bound colossus like the Mountain from Game of Thrones, but it does have a range of super benefits. Dog ownership, for example, has been shown to lower the signs of heart disease like lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Owning a dog makes it likelier that you have lower blood pressure than the normal person. Cat and dog owners also have lower amounts of harmful cholesterol in their blood as well as lower triglyceride too. Did you know that survivors of heart attacks have far longer lifespans when they have a furry friend with them every day?

So regardless of whether you want a physically active Scooby-Doo to run around with in an old abandoned playground, or maybe just a Brian from Family Guy companion to sit and drink martinis with – a family dog will keep your mind and body engaged!

Increasing Exercise

By going dog-walking every day helps someone’s health immeasurably. Dogs are pets that are obsessed exercise and are the ideal way of motivating yourself to get out of the house – especially if you have been sat in front of the television watching all five seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm since the night before (even the terrible 4th one).

You don’t have to be capable of running like Usain Bolt chasing 1,000 chicken McNuggets – just a fast walk can get your blood flowing! If a young yappy dog sounds too strenuous, why not adopt an elderly dog? An animal that’s a bit calmer may be perfect for your stage in life and give you friendship with a less hectic physical obligation. There are also different types of dogs which are more laid-back and are happy for a little potter around rather than running the Grand National every time you put it on a lead. If dogs aren’t your thing then even playing regularly with a little Puss-in-Boots in the living room every day can be surprisingly beneficial. Why not have a look for a pet from the Liverpool RSPCA?


Injury And Disease

Having a pet is a superb idea for a million reasons but did you know certain animals are great for people who are injured or have a medical condition? A pet cat or a bird, for example, can help soothe Alzheimer sufferers when they experience moments of emotion or anger. Some dogs can even detect, treat, and handle many different illnesses and debilitations. Ex-service dogs are brilliant at helping their owners with their arthritis and general movement. Why not try and find your own personal Lassie down the local rescue centre?

A Mobility

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