How To Be Safe In The Bathroom: Ten Tips

Take Your Time

Never rush when washing as the bathtub and shower are very slippery. Take your time!

Install A Handheld Shower Head

By installing a handheld showerhead you can minimise your movements, which means that there is less chance of slipping and injuring yourself.

Install A Shower Or Bath Seat

Standing up in the shower or bath is far more dangerous than sitting as there is more chance of falling and you have further to fall. Install a seat!

Raise The Toilet Seat

A low toilet seat can put additional strain on your knees and risk injury. By raising the toilet seat you’ll negate this risk.

Always Turn The Light On

Though it may be tempting to get all of those candles out when having a bath, when slippery surfaces are involved you are inviting risk. Always turn the main light on!

Use Grab Bars

Keeping your balance can certainly get challenging as you get older – why not give yourself that extra bit of help by installing a grab bar.

Stay Dry As Possible

It is natural that any bath or shower is going to get wet – the floor doesn’t have to be though!

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

You can slip on more than water – ensure that there is no soap or mould around to slip on!

Stop Bathtub Slippage

Your bathtub is always going to be the slippiest place in the bathroom. Install some tiles, mats or non-slip strips on the surface to help prevent slips!

Throw Away Your Floor Rug

Floor rugs in the bathroom may feel great on your toes but they are in fact the biggest causes of falls in the household as they can slip. Get rid of them!

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