How To Regain Your Mobility

Losing your mobility is something that can drastically lower your standard of living and make daily tasks a chore rather than a joy. Thankfully there are a number of methods you can use to help counteract this and regain the movement you have lost. There are many different mobility aids out there and they can range from standard equipment to advanced. Here is the list of things that you can choose from to help get moving around Liverpool again.

Walking Aids

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are the classic mobility aid that has been used throughout history since the earliest times. Nowadays, they come in basic forms and more advanced versions with tripod or tetrapod bottoms for additional balance.


Crutches are more than just what a hospital gives you when you have a leg in plaster. Modern crutches offer a long-term solution by offering advanced mechanisms and comfortable padding.

Wheel Aids

Wheeled Walkers

These devices can be pushed along as the person walks to provide a steady platform. There are lots of different types of wheeled walkers ranging from simple frames to additional storage.


Most wheelchairs are unpowered and can be moved by the simple arm action of the user but there are a number of different electrically powered options. There are many different designs, some featuring armrests, rain covers and more.


House Aids


These installations come in many different types and can be fitted perfectly to anyone’s stairway.

Wheelchair Lifts

These are similar to normal stairlifts but obviously, need to accommodate a chair. They can be quite expensive but are worth it for wheelchair users.


It might be a large permanent ramp for the home leading to your front door or a moveable lightweight ramps for short distances; either way ramps are highly useful and come in many different designs.

A Mobility

We at A Mobility Shop is a company with years and years’ of experience in the mobility sector. Offering a huge range of products and a staff of dedicated experts, A Mobility Shop understands the difficulties faced by people suffering problems with personal mobility and have made it our mission to help. When picking a mobility aid, we think that affordability, comfort and quality are of utmost importance which is why our products are so loved by our customers. A Mobility is proud to be based in Liverpool and is honoured to help people recover their mobility and enjoy their lives. Contact us today for the expertise, knowledge and motivation for a helping hand. Ring us today on 0151 220 7080 for a speedy response.


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