Planning a Perfect Holiday When You Are A Mobility Scooter User

Whether you have mobility issues yourself, or you are organising a holiday with someone who has mobility requirements that you need to consider, there are plenty of options to ensure everyone has a perfect holiday.

Whilst there are many fantastic organisations based in the UK which specialise in organising holidays for mature, or disabled travellers, these may potentially not be ideal for the rest of the party especially if it’s a multi-generational family holiday with younger kids.

In this blog, we’ve collated some of the best holidays that allow you to maximise your experience without requiring a great deal of walking, especially on difficult terrain.

Speciality holidays

Worrying about mobility or accessibility should be the least of your concerns when you’re going away for a relaxing holiday, with this in mind, any companies have put together holidays specifically tailored for people with various access requirements or even special care requirements.

These make great holidays for couples or even groups of friends, where everyone travelling has similar needs, and can also make a great gift for older relatives who are in need of a nice break away in the sun.

Coach trips

When planning a coach trip, all you have to do is arrive at the designated pick up point and the rest of the transportation will be organised on your behalf. Often the trip organisers will arrange comfortable rooms as accommodation along the way, so the coach itself is only used to travel throughout the day, but this may vary with various providers.

You’ll be able to see before booking which destinations you’ll be going to on your guided excursion, and what activities you’ll be doing. Also worth considering is that there will be a group of people on the coach, a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun whilst getting to experience a lot of great places.


A villa is an ideal option for those who may require a mobility aid. Not only is it cost-effective option if you are heading on holiday with a larger group or with family members, but also having kitchen facilities available to you also helps to keep the cost down as you will not have to dine for every meal. A villa will have all the facilities you require for a relaxing holiday, often including a private swimming pool and terrace. This means that everyone can keep themselves entertained, but in much closer proximity than at a large hotel or cruise ship. It also means you don’t have to venture out anywhere if you don’t feel like it.

Airbnb provides a wide range of villas globally and also have the option to filter them by very specific accessibility needs such as step-free access to the bedroom, or hand-held showerheads. Once you’ve entered your chosen holiday location and dates into the search engine, select “more” on the defined filters option.

Here at A Mobility Shop, whether you would like to purchase a scooter that will fit into the boot of your car or you are looking for a model that you’ll be able to take on holiday, we’ll have the perfect machine for you. All you need to do is to call into our shop or get in touch.


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