Remain Active with Mobility Aids in Liverpool

When your body begins to age, one of the most difficult things to come to terms with is the loss of independence that accompanies it. Although you may still feel thirty years old in your mind, your body begins to tell a different story. Whether you are having trouble with walking, or experiencing debilitating aches and pains, these are all unfortunate side effects of the ageing process that can prevent you from carrying out everyday tasks.

This often leaves you and your family with the difficult decision of whether you should enter into a care home or a shared living facility. Here at A Mobility Shop, we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to remain in the comfort of their own home, no matter their age. We provide innovative mobility solutions that will allow you to remain active and independent well into your golden years.

How Could Our Mobility Aids Help You?

We have a whole range of different mobility aids in Liverpool that can help you to complete essential daily tasks with ease. Our mobility aids can give you the helping hand you need to get from A to B without the need for help from a carer or family member. This not only significantly reduces the burden on those around you but also gives you the independence you need to remain young at heart.

Through the use of our mobility aids, your quality of life can be improved significantly, as you will no longer have to feel helpless in the face of simple tasks such as going shopping or climbing the stairs. We can provide practical tailored solutions to give you the support you need to live life to the full.

What We Can Offer You

At A Mobility Shop, we will approach your mobility concerns from every angle to find the right solution for you. We have a wide range of products available to rent or buy, which can help with anything from support whilst walking to making your home accessible. Some of our lifechanging products include the following:

·        Stair Lifts – We offer a range of affordable stairlifts that can be tailored to fit both straight and curved staircases. We also provide stair lift rental and installation, so that you can navigate your home with ease. Rather than moving to a care facility or bungalow, a stair lift can give you what you need to remain in the home you know and love.

·        Mobility Scooters – For those who want to get out and about, we have a range of mobility scooters at great prices. These provide unparalleled freedom to explore the outdoors for those who have difficulty walking.


·        Mobility Aids – We offer a variety of mobility aids that can help you to complete a whole range of daily tasks with comfort and ease. These include bathroom aids, walkers, reachers and so much more.

Change Your Life Today

If you want to find out how our mobility aids could change your life today, please come and enquire within at A Mobility Shop, 143-145 Thomas Lane, Broadgreen, Liverpool, L14 5NT, or call us on  0151 220 7080

Our friendly team are here to advise you and will be happy to develop a tailored solution to suit your needs.


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