Retain your Independence with Mobility Aids

It is a sad fact of life that sooner or later, we all see a decline in our health and consequently, our mobility and rather than relocating to a care centre, it is possible to equip your home with state of the art mobility aids. By designing your living space around you, you can retain your independence – something none of us wish to lose – and live a full life in the comfort of your own home. At the Mobility Shop, we understand how important it is to retain your independence and have been supplying UK citizens with mobility aids for many years. Our experts are always happy to offer their professional advice on how best to provide mobility solutions and you might be surprised at how affordable our products are.

Stairlifts – If you are living in a two storey home and are finding it difficult to negotiate the stairs, the latest generation of stairlifts offer a smooth transition from floor to floor, and regardless of the building design, a tailored stairlift can be fabricated to perfectly fit. We even offer stairlift rental, for those who are looking for a short-term solution and we always do our best to come up with the best solution for all of our customers.


Mobility Scooters – Like everything else, mobility scooters have come a long way in the past decade, with high-capacity rechargeable batteries that allow for much further distances and wide tyres that give a much softer ride. There are speeds ranging from 4 – 8 mph, depending on your preference, and with super responsive, tight turning, you can easily manoeuvre the scooter to any position. Many of our customers enjoy daily trips to the local supermarket thanks to their mobility scooter, and all of our units are top brands that are basically maintenance free. Simply hook up to the power outlet and your scooter will be ready whenever you want to use it.


Electric & Manual Wheelchairs – Some people only require mobility within the perimeters of their property or from the drive into the vehicle and our great range of electric and manual wheelchairs are both light and durable, with models to suit every situation.


Disabled Bathroom Design – Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom offers the most challenges to a disabled person and with all those sharp edges, safety is a real concern. We employ disability bathroom designers who will create the layout around the client, maximising your mobility within that most private of rooms.

Fortunately, those with mobility issues are no longer reliant on others, as innovative mobility aids offer the disabled and elderly the ideal solution, and whether you require a manual wheelchair or a bespoke disability bathroom, Mobility Shop is the go to place for all mobility aids.

If you would like to consult the mobility aid professionals, pop into our Mobility Shop in Liverpool, or leave us a message or call 0151 220 7080 and we’d be happy to make some recommendations to improve your mobility.


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