Should I Buy or Rent a Stairlift?

As we grow older, our health becomes more fragile. While there are many things that we can do to look after our precious health, the ageing process is something that cannot be stopped. When they reach a certain age, many people struggle to move around as freely as they used to, so mobility problems are a common issue amongst the elderly. Fortunately, there are plenty of different options available to ensure that people can continue to live happily and independently in their own home.

One of these options is a stairlift. Stairlifts are extremely useful machines that can greatly improve the quality of life for those struggling with limited mobility. A person who can live independently, but has difficulty going up and down the stairs, could hugely benefit from a stairlift.

If you are considering getting a stairlift fitted in your home, you may be wondering whether you should rent or buy one. Both have their advantages and are suitable for different situations. Read on to find out which option may be best for you.

Renting vs. Buying

One question asked by many is, ‘is it possible to rent a stairlift?’. The short and simple answer to this is: yes! In some circumstances, hiring a stairlift may be the better option, rather than permanently buying one for the home. If you or a loved one only require a stairlift for a short amount of time, renting a stairlift can be far more economical.

Perhaps you have a relative, who requires a stairlift, staying at your home for a only short amount of time, or you are on a tight budget that simply won’t stretch to a brand new stairlift installation. Stairlift hire may be a suitable option if a disabled person is staying at your home for a limited amount of time or for end-of-life care. Renting a stairlift can be beneficial for people who have been injured in an accident that has temporarily reduced their mobility; if they come home to complete their recovery, they may still find it difficult to move freely around their home. In this case, it may be best to rent a stairlift rather than buy one as they are an ideal short-term solution.

Renting a stairlift can provide flexibility and peace of mind. If you are unsure whether a stairlift is right for you, renting one allows you to try it out in your own home before making the investment. Instead of committing yourself financially, you are able to test a certain model and work out whether it meets your needs for just a fraction of the price. For those on a smaller budget, stairlift hire is an affordable solution to mobility problems.

Others that may choose to rent a stairlift instead of buying one are business owners that need to temporarily provide access for a customer or visitor that has mobility issues (or even an employee who is recovering from an injury or accident). Rental stairlifts are an extremely convenient temporary solution, ensuring that all customers and visitors are catered to and are free to move around the building. If there is no lift in the building, hiring a stairlift is a brilliant solution.

In comparison, buying a stairlift is a permanent solution for those who suffer from mobility issues. While buying a stairlift outright might seem like a significant investment, it can truly change the lives of those who permanently require assistance getting up and down the stairs. Permanent stairlifts are an ideal solution for elderly people who find it difficult to move freely around their own homes.

If you need to buy a permanent stairlift for your home but are worried about how to pay for it, there are a few helpful options that you can explore to help you foot the bill. The Disabled Facilities Grant, for example, is a government-funded grant awarded to eligible disabled people who need to make changes to their home. This includes fitting stairlifts and ramps and installing appropriate heating systems. Available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the amount of money awarded is means tested. The amount also depends on your household income and savings over £6,000. In order to explore this option, contact your local council for an application form.


Other options to explore include The ACT Foundation and the Independence at Home charity for further financial aid regarding fitting stairlifts in the home.

Benefits of a stairlift in the home



One of the most important benefits of installing a stairlift in the home is the increased safety that it provides. Fitting a stairlift ensures that you or your loved one can easily and safely move up and down the stairs in your home without the fear of slipping or falling. Going up and down the stairs can be challenging for elderly people or those who suffer from mobility issues; in fact, some people find going up and down the stairs so daunting that they rarely see the upper floors of their home. Fitting a stairlift eliminates safety issues on the stairs and ensures that all parts of the home can be enjoyed by everyone.



Following on from above, fitting a stairlift in the home helps people to maintain a sense of independence, giving them the freedom to move easily around their home. Being unable to comfortably use the stairs can be an unpleasant feeling for many and make them feel as though they are restricted in their own home. Constantly having to ask for help or assistance to move between floors may take away people’s sense of independence and make them feel like a burden. Fitting a stairlift can eliminate this issue entirely.


Ease of use

Stairlifts are extremely easy to use and operate. Sometimes, people may be reluctant to fit a stairlift in their home because they do not want to feel dependent on a mobility aid. As discussed above, a stairlift does exactly the opposite of this, helping to maintain a sense of independence in the home. Many stairlifts come with remote-control handsets; others have easy-to-use control toggles on the arm – either way, they are simple, straightforward and effortless to use. Stairlifts are designed to charge while they are parked so that it is always ready to use as soon as you need it. You will never find yourself stranded halfway up the stairs or unable to use the stairlift.

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