The Main Benefits Of Using A Rise And Recline Chair

If you find it tricky to sit down and stand up, you may well spend a lot of your time at home in the same old chair unless you have someone to support you.

If you can’t get comfy, you may end up staying in bed, which is going to be worse in the long run. Getting the right riser recliner chair can help with these difficulties and keep you independent.

A riser recliner is good in two ways:

●    The rising action helps you sit down and stand up with ease

●    The reclining action can help you feel more comfortable, especially if you’re sitting down after a long day, additionally helping with some medical problems

How can a rise and recline chair help me to live independently?

If you tend to find yourself struggling with simple tasks but are fully able to live without the need of in-home care, assistive equipment like rise and recline chairs can do you a lot of good. Also known as reclining chairs, these smart seating solutions offer a selection of positions to maximise your comfort and help you maintain independent living enabling you to get into and out of the chair without requiring assistance.

How can a rise and recline chair help when caring for the elderly?

Rise and recline chairs have become something of a staple in a great deal of care homes. This is largely due to the fact that these organisations must always work hard to deliver quality care, thus having pieces of equipment that will reflect that is essential. The top three advantages care providers obtain from having their patients utilise reclining chairs are:

●    The risks of falls and injuries are mitigated

●    Improves postural control

●    Improves pressure care

If you are still weighing up whether you should make the transition, take a look at these guiding questions that can help you make your mind up:

●    Do you find it hard to get up out of a chair?

●    Do you find it getting harder to sit down on a chair or on the sofa?

●    Do you tend to sit for long periods in the same chair?

●    Has your GP advised you to keep your legs elevated when in a sitting position?

●    Do you experience back pain and frequently need to change your sitting position to get more comfortable?

If you answered yes to three of these questions, it’s certainly time for you to get recommendations and look for the ideal company you can purchase reliable rise and recline chairs from.

Here at A Mobility Shop, our recliners help to tip you out of your chair inch by inch until you feel comfortable to stand. They come in many different colours and options for you to choose what is right for you. To find out more, visit our website or ge in touch.


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