The Physical Benefits Of Dog Ownership

As if you needed another reason to buy a dog, recent research has also shown that owning a dog positively affects the length of a person’s life. Not only does dog ownership confer upon its owner many mental benefits; it gives many health advantages physically. Here are just a few of the physical benefits:

Increasing Exercise

The act of taking a dog on a walk every day is by itself a positive boon for someone’s health. Dogs are animals that love exercise and are the perfect excuse to get out of the house if you have been sat in front of the television all day. If a young enthusiastic dog sounds a little bit too much for you, why not adopt an older dog? A pet that is a little bit older and more mature, is more likely to be in step with your lifestyle and provide companionship with a more relaxing exercise. Alternatively, there are a number of breeds which are calmer and less likely to pull you around by the lead or wreck the sofa if they don’t get walked five times a day. Why not have a look for a dog from the Liverpool RSPCA?

Effects Of Interaction

The benefits of having a dog are manifested in the positive physical changes to your body. Dog ownership has been proven to lower the indicators of heart disease such as lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. If you have a dog it is likelier that you have lower blood pressure than the rest of the population. Dog owners have lower amounts of harmful cholesterol in their blood as well as less triglyceride too. Also, survivors of heart attacks are known to live for longer than when they have a pet dog.

Injury And Disease

Ownership of a dog can help detect, treat, and handle many different illnesses and debilitations. Alzheimer’s patients, for example, are soothed by dogs which helps them with emotional episodes and aggression. Certain dogs, especially ex-service dogs, are also known to benefit their owners by aiding with mobility, arthritis and even head injuries. Some are even known to sniff out various cancers with training – I doubt you’d find one of these down the RSPCA though!

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