Ways to Make Your Workplace Disability Friendly

Tolerance and inclusivity is important in any workplace, whether you run a small independent business, or a global corporation with thousands of employees. It’s vital that all your staff feel comfortable in the workplace, and ensuring your business is disability friendly is beneficial to both anyone with a disability, and for the wider workforce as it creates an inclusive and positive atmosphere. If you’re thinking about adapting or updating your workplace to ensure it’s disability friendly, see below for a few ways you can start.

Build awareness

Building disability awareness is one of the first steps a business should take to ensure the workplace is comfortable and inclusive for all. Training sessions and courses can help employers gain insight into how best to help any disabled colleagues, and what may need to be adapted. Awareness, education and support form a solid foundation for all workers to build on, and you could share ideas about how the workplace could be adapted to become more disability friendly.

Adapt the workplace

Getting the right equipment will of course depend on the type of disability any employees may have, but items such as height adjustable desks, ramps, handrails and adjustable computer monitors all make a significant difference to workplace comfort. Many places are required by law to have disability friendly facilities such as a disabled toilet, but you may need to add in other measures, such as a disabled parking space.

Be flexible

Disabled employees may require shorter or more flexible hours, so consider later start times, more frequent breaks or the opportunity to work from home from time to time. The ability to be flexible and accommodate all employees needs makes a significant difference to workplace happiness and performance.

Revise company policies

It’s important that your company policies and culture reflect a disability friendly, inclusive atmosphere, so it’s worth checking company handbooks and contracts to make sure they address disability discrimination and have the appropriate measures in place. They could also be updated to include information about training and workshops, and how to handle discrimination if any incidents occur.

Include assisted technology

Almost all modern jobs nowadays require the use of a computer or other technology, so it’s wise to invest in assisted technology, apps or other online tools to make sure any disabled employees can do their job with ease. Assisted technology includes colour coded keyboards, braille displays, screen reading software, sign language apps and more.

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