What to consider when buying a wheelchair

For anyone with a disabling pain or severe mobility impediments, a simple motility device such as a basic walker is an essential requirement. When looking at buying quintessential wheelchairs, there are numerous factors you would want to put into consideration.

A wheelchair can open up your world anew and allow you to regain your much-needed independence all over again. Wheelchair users ordinarily spend a great deal of time in their wheelchair, so it is imperative to look for an amenity that’s convivial and compliments you.

Five decisive questions to ask while buying your wheelchair

– On average, how much time will you spend on your wheelchair on a daily basis?

– What’s the fundamental purpose of the wheelchair? Will you be using it outdoors or indoors?

– Are you in need of a lightweight wheelchair, a standard wheelchair, or a power wheelchair (electric wheelchair)?

– Who will be managing the wheelchair? Will you be doing it by yourself or will there be the availability of someone who      can always help?

– Do you need a portable wheelchair? I.e. is it easy to transport for example in a car?

What you need to know

Typically, most wheelchairs are either manual or electric-powered. Wheelchairs weigh from around 30lbs to a maximum weight capacity of about 250lbs or somewhere thereof. Depending on your preference and suits, select a wheelchair that best fits your desired needs from the diverse range of wheelchairs available for you at A Mobility Shop (NW) Ltd in Liverpool.

There are different advantages and disadvantages associated with all types of wheelchairs, so your decision ought to dependably be founded on your requirements.

For instance, an electric wheelchair could be ideal for outdoor use but it might prove to be overwhelmingly heavy and difficult to transport. On the other hand, manual wheelchairs are self-impelled or can be pushed by a caregiver.

Lightweight wheelchairs weighing between 28-34lbs are in many cases foldable, portable, and easy-to-store.

Wheelchair provisos are indispensable – the determinations/specifications of a wheelchair that you expect to purchase will rely upon your structure and conditions (or those of the purposive user, in case you’re getting it for another person).

Seat size, angle and style, the position of the foot, back, and armrests – these should all be considered when accounting and thinking about the comfort of the chair.

If there is no caregiver around, go for wheelchairs with large rear wheels for easier maneuver.

Other factors you may want to consider include:

·        The height of the user in order to determine seat depth

·        Seat-to-floor-height (height from the floor to the seat) – This is important to avoid user’s legs from dragging on the floor if it’s too short or user’s legs dangling in the air if it’s too long.

·        Chair’s product weight capacity – endeavor to buy a wheelchair that can handle at least 50lbs more than your body weight and one that you can fit in wholesomely.

At A Mobility Shop our aim is to help you make the procedure of buying your wheelchair as hassle-free as possible. We encourage you to continue talking to us and consulting with a healthcare professional or your physical therapist before purchasing your wheelchair.

We serve customers throughout the Southport, Wigan, Warrington, and St Helens.


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