Three Big Reasons Why You Should Consider A Stairlift

Keep your balance!

Going up and down stairs can often already be a challenge for older people. If balance is already a problem, tacking stairs could prove to be something that increases the likelihood and severity of falling and sustaining an injury. As anyone who has had an elderly relative fall in the shower knows, falling over is more dangerous for older people. If stairs are getting more and more difficult by the day, people naturally become wary of the upper floors of their house. By investing in a stairlift you can reoccupy the upper half of your property and make the most of your home.

Health Conditions 

There are hundreds of potential health issues that can be solved by installing a stairlift. Whether it’s the pain caused by climbing stairs unaided or the aggravation of an existing condition, climbing the wooden hill to Bedfordshire every night and day can quickly become a very serious issue. Thankfully, stairlifts can quickly turn this man made mountain into a gentle journey on an escalator.

A stairlift also kills two birds with one stone if a spouse, family member or carer usually helps the intended user climb the stairs. This helper could potentially have health issues themselves that could not only be aggravated by climbing stairs but also in the act of helping someone up the stairs.

Stay in the family home 

The alternative to not investing in a stairlift is moving home. Firstly, this is an financially expensive option that includes all the costs involved with purchasing a new property that could be very expensive due to a lack of single floor homes in the Liverpool area. Associated moving costs such as estate agents and moving lorries, may also be a money costs that would be better spent on making the most of a person’s retirement years. 

Secondly, moving home is stressful for most people! If someone has lived in a home for decades, raised children there and feels safe there, collecting everything up and moving to a strange new place isn’t an ideal option. Why should someone risk their most precious twilight years with all the upheaval of uprooting to a strange new place?

What Types of Stairlift Are There? 

Stairlifts are hugely customisable and any reputable company will be able to specifically fit one to a person’s and building’s exact requirements. Here are a few of the options available:

Straight Lifts – Suitable for a straight stairway and usually cheaper.

Curved Lifts – Suitable for stairways that are curved or go around a corner.

Outdoor Lifts – Quite similar to indoor stairs but weatherproof and more hard-wearing. Often installed in gardens or stairs leading up to front doors.

Standing Lifts – Suitable for people who have issues with bending their knees. Also suitable for stairs that are narrow as they take up less space than lifts with seats.

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