Reliable and Affordable Scooters in Liverpool

Finding a Mobility Scooter that meets your needs

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a conveniently sized scooter which will be able to be transported in the boot of your vehicle or are perhaps seeking a larger model that will enable you to make your way around slightly more challenging terrain easily and allow you to top out at 8 mph, we are certain to have the right kind of model that will be perfect for you. It’s as simple as you popping into our shop based in Liverpool or getting in touch with us on 01512207080 and letting us know what your needs are. Once we are made aware of the necessary specifications we can gladly recommend you the best option for electric scooters in Liverpool that will meet your requirements and be a reasonable price too!

The new generation Illusion scooter has been designed and manufactured to be light. It’s extremely lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium components combined with the exceptionally light but powerful lithium battery pack makes this scooter the lightest 4wheel, car transportable, full suspension scooter in the world!

Its unique splitting design means the Illusion is fast and easy to take apart and reassemble with the heaviest disassembled part weighing under 10kg! This makes it so much easier to handle especially when lifting is required such as putting into or taking it out of your car. Furthermore, the unique tiller controls allow you to use either your fingers or thumbs to control the scooter.More info visit

Maxer – The Kymco Maxer is the latest model to be developed by this innovative manufacturer. The Maxer is fitted with an advanced oil dampened suspension system to enhance the level of ride comfort and quality. This is complimented by the contoured supportive seat that has a breathable finish for those hot days. The delta steering bar is fitted with high visibility rear view mirrors as standard, and the automotive style dashboard has an easy to read backlit waterproof LCD display. Low battery consumption LED lighting is fitted to the front and rear to allow you to see and be seen and a capable of carrying someone weighing up to 31 stone (200 kg) in weight.

What to consider when buying a new Scooter

We offer a wide range of scooters to meet everyone’s needs.

Battery Life

If you often travel long distances, pick a model with a high-capacity rechargeable battery. Equally, if you require a heavier weight limit scooter a bigger battery is necessary.


We have 4 mph, 6 mph and 8 mph scooters available so you can pick one that matches your personal needs.

Size and Weight

If you wish to transport your scooter in your car, you need to focus on compact, lightweight designs. Alternatively, if the scooter will be stored in an outside shed or garage, a bigger and faster scooter is available.

Choose from Leading Brands

With 30 years experience, all our employees are trained to explain and demonstrate all the scooters in store. We stock brands such as Pride, Drive, Kymco, Van Os Excel, Komfi Rider, Shoprider and many more.

Our mobility scooters have a range of functions, including:

  • Rechargeable battery systems
  • 4mph, 6mph and 8mph speeds
  • Compact sizes for car boots
  • Lightweight designs
  • Varying weight capacities 
Choose from boot scooters, 8mph scooters, electric scooters and more!
Brands include Pride, Kymco, Van Os Excel, Komfi Rider and more
Visit our mobility shop in Liverpool to view our range, find out more and test drive your next scooter.
New! Excel Roadster DX8

Brand new Excel Roadster DX8 £1600 with a 2 year warranty. Maximum speed 8mph. weight 86kg. Maximum user weight 136kg/21 stone.

NEW Bluejay Scooter £699

An update on our popular Finch mobility scooter, the Bluejay combines features such as being super lightweight at just 41kg and its attractive compact design, with new larger wheels for better ground clearance.

Finch Lightweight Folding Scooter £699

Weighs just 40kg. 4mph maximum. Easily breaks down to fit in car boot. Choice of colours. Maximum user weight 18st


Our 4mph compact scooters fit easily into a car boot

Swift 1 Lightweight Folding Scooter £800

Comes in choice of 5 colours. Easy to use controls Weighs just 41kg. 2-4mph Maximum speed. Optional larger battery. Maximum user weight 18st


Easy to use controls

Robin Full-Suspension Scooter £850

Brand new innovative design lightweight mobility scooter with full suspension for ultimate comfort. 8 mile range – also available with bigger batteries.


Easily dismantles for transport and storage

Swift 2 Heavy Duty Boot Scooter £850

4mph maximum extended legroom bright LCD display breaks down easily to fit in car boot maximum user weight 21.5st

PRIME £1800

Exclusive to a mobility shop lightweight automatic folding scooter folds at the touch of a button fits into own storage case perfect for summer holidays

Eagle 8mph Scooter£1995

Uses modern technology. Bright LED lights. Lockable storage compartment. Max. Capacity 21.5st.


Lockable storage compartment


Rediscover your freedom and buy a mobility scooter by calling A Mobility Shop (NW) Ltd or visiting our shop in Liverpool. Choose from a range of speeds and designs.

We serve customers throughout the North West, including Southport, Wigan, the Wirral, Warrington & St Helens.