How Modern Mobility Aids Can Improve Your Life

How Modern Mobility Aids Can Improve Your Life

The ability to move independently with little or no assistance is what modern mobility aids are designed to provide. Mobility is important to our quality of life. For the elderly and people with injuries or disability, mobility aids can bring back the freedom they seek and allow them to live a normal life.

Today, there are different types of mobility aids to cater to any kind of issue with mobility. From enjoying the simple pleasures of life to performing the essential everyday tasks with ease, there are many ways they can help. Here we shall look at some modern mobility devices that are designed to contribute to an improved standard of living.

1] Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are a great solution for the elderly, individuals with limited mobility and those who are unable to navigate staircases safely. This is remarkable because wheelchairs cannot move up staircases and homes don’t have an inclined plane indoors. With stair lifts, the elderly can regain access easily to rooms on the upper floor and get downstairs for tea in the morning with no problem.

A stair lift consists of a rail mounted on the treads of the staircase with a chair that glides along the rail. They are of two types – straight rail and curved rail. As the name suggests, the former is a straight track while the curved rail is custom-made to follow the shape of the individual staircase.

2] Mobility Scooters

These serve the same purpose as that of a powered wheelchair but are configured like scooters, which makes them a favourite. Mobility scooters can have 3, 4 or even 5 wheels, and have a seat placed over the wheels. The scooters operate on battery and can be charged from standard electric power.

The amazing thing about mobility scooters is that there is one for every need – on one hand you have small, lightweight models that can easily fit in your car, while on the other hand, you have larger, heavier models that are best suited for travel on rough terrain. There are models with maximum speed of 4, 6 or 8 mph and the slow ones are ideal for moving around in stores or shopping malls.

3] Reclining and High Chairs

Recline and rise chairs are meant for people who find it difficult to get in and out of chairs, and they are motorised to assist the user to a standing position. Some chairs have dual motors to allow for adjustment of the positions of the leg rest and the backrest separately, so that the user can figure out the position he/she is most comfortable in. High chairs are orthopaedic chairs that have an ergonomically designed high backrest for maximum back support.

A Great Range of Mobility Aids For Sale and Hire

If you or someone you love has limited mobility, you’ll be amazed at the wide range of mobility devices available today. At A Mobility Shop, we carry a fantastic range of mobility aids and personal care aids, all of which are specifically designed to make life easier. We also provide stair lift rental and repairing. If you live in the North West, call the friendly team at your local mobility shop on 01512207080 or visit our shop in Liverpool.


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