What Benefits Do Suspension Add to Mobility Scooters?

Mobility scooters are great for those who have trouble walking long distances and they provide freedom that you may have feel you have lost. They restore a sense of independence and make life easier all round. But you may be wondering what are the particular features they have that will make one better than another, and what you should be looking for when purchasing one? One key feature is the suspension, as it will enhance the driveability and make the experience a pleasure for you. So, what exactly is suspension and how does it work in mobility aids such as scooters?

What is suspension?

The suspension is a system of springs and shocks that are present in any vehicle with wheels, so the suspension in your mobility scooter will be rather like the one in your car. You may be wondering why you would need this in your scooter, but if you think about your local area, it’s likely that you won’t just be manoeuvring over smooth pathways, and more likely you’ll have some lumps and bumps to navigate. If your mobility scooter has poor suspension, this can make for quite a bone-shaking experience, which you probably don’t need, particularly if your knees or hips are fragile! Any aches and pains will be heightened if you hit a small pothole. If you get a scooter that has suspension, then you can glide over the paths and road, and even through the park on some unpaved routes, with absolute ease.

Other benefits to suspension

When you get used to your mobility scooter, it’s likely that you’ll use it pretty often. This will result in some wear and tear, simply from navigating roads and pathways. Good suspension means that there are fewer demands on the other parts of the scooter, as it is designed to absorb the stress and is more durable than the other features on the scooter in this area. In the unlikely event that you do have to replace the suspension, it will still have protected the other parts, so it lengthens the overall life of the scooter.

More control

On a normal scooter, if you hit a big bump on one wheel, this can impact all the wheels and send you veering in a direction that you don’t want to go. This is dangerous to you and other users of the road and it can result in accidents. If you have suspension, you’ll have better control over your scooter and managing any lumps and bumps without being scared of going off in the wrong direction. If your area has some poorly maintained roads and pathways, or if you don’t have much upper body strength, then you need to look for a scooter with good suspension.

Mobility Scooters and Aids Available

At A Mobility Shop, we carry a fantastic range of mobility aids to help you, from stair lift rental to mobility scooters. If you’d like to find out about scooters with suspension, simply call our friendly team at your local mobility shop on 01512207080 or enquire within at our store in Liverpool.


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