Improving Quality of Life with Mobility Aids

Personal mobility, is something that most of us simply take for granted. Things like going to the shops, the bathroom, or just walking up and down the stairs, is something we just do, without any real amount of thought. For some however, things are not so easy and such activities can be extremely difficult and often require assistance. It is not just the aged who can have mobility issues. Many people are born with handicaps that make moving around difficult, while others who have had accidents, find themselves with temporary or permanent injuries, which make getting around the house a serious problem. We understand mobility constraints, and can offer expert guidance and advice, on the range of solutions available in the marketplace.

There are a wide range of mobility aids that can assist your situation, and we aim to bring you fantastic and affordable solutions. It is important that those who have mobility issues, discuss the extent of their problem, with people who fully understand the issues and various ailments that someone might suffer from. Our wealth of experience enables us to tailor make the right solutions to increase your ability to move around independently. You see, mobility is more than simply moving about. Mobility can affect the body in other ways too, which left unresolved, can complicate and worsen a situation. It is important to encourage physical activity, which not only helps keep muscles supple, but because inactivity has the potential to worsen wider health issues.

Getting to many bedrooms involves using the stairs, which can be very difficult for some people. We are experts in installation of stair lifts, which can greatly assist. For those whose disability is of a temporary nature, please feel free to ask us about our stair lift rental, an option that solves short term emergencies. We offer a comprehensive range of wheelchairs, and for the slightly longer journey, our mobility scooters, of which we offer an excellent selection, are proving very popular.

For some people, the use of mobility aids is not the full answer to the problems that can be faced. Going to the bathroom, if the layout is wrong, can cause huge challenges, making something simple, become a real test of strength and endurance. We offer a full bathroom design service, with a range of fixtures and fittings, to help you keep your independence and dignity.

We positively encourage you to come and discuss your restrictions, requirements and of course, budgetary constraints. We make it our mission to help you find a quality, affordable solution, to improve your standard of life. We are ready to help you, if you would like general advice, through to the implementation of all that you need. Please browse our website, ring us, or pop into our office. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff know all of the best products available today, and can help you understand which can be of benefit to you.

Please feel free to contact us via our online form, or visit our Shop, at 141-145 Thomas Lane, Broadgreen Liverpool, L14 5NT. Failing that, you can always call us on 0151 220 7080 during office hours and we’ll see what we can do to ease your mobility issues.


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